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For your Wedding cake

  • Fillings
    Strawberry (when fresh berries are available), coconut, pineapple, lemon, strawberry cream, and many more! Pricing: add $5.00 – $15.00 per layer depending on layer size.
  • Flowers
    Fresh and silk flowers must be provided by the Bride. I will be happy to arrange the fresh flowers on the cake the day of the wedding. I prefer to have silk flowers by the Thursday before the wedding.
  • Designs
    Certain icing designs such as Basket Weave, Cornelli Lace, and others add a lot of time to the decorating process, Depending on your design there may be an extra charge.
  • Icing Flowers
    All icing flowers are included in the price of the cake. However, creating Gum Paste and Fondant flowers can be time consuming (but beautiful) so depending on your cake design there could be an extra charge.
  • Fondant
    There will be a flat fee of 25.00 added to any cake covered with fondant. We use Marshmallow Fondant, you must try it!