Baking Memories

Then and now

When I was a kid my Mom always baked. Every holiday was complimented by the sweets my Mom would create in her kitchen. Christmas was the best; cookies, cookies, and more cookies! She would always let me crack the eggs and mix the batter. I enjoyed spending hours in the kitchen with her making marvelous treats.

When I was sixteen I baked and decorated my very first cake. It was a bear cake decorated with stars and it was actually pretty good. As I got older I decided to try again and I fell in love. I started making cakes on special occasions for friends and family. They loved the way the cakes looked and tasted. Word spread quickly and I found myself making cakes all the time. I loved hearing “Here comes Holly with the cake!” The more cakes I made the more I wanted them to be original and sometimes unusual.

When I decided to do wedding cakes I knew I had found what I always wanted to do: Create beautiful works of art a bride will look back on for years to come and smile. All my cakes are created with the best ingredients, great care, and lots of love. Let me create a cake for your special occasion so you too can look back with fond memories and smile.